“Ankara Biotechnology Days” has been the annual convention of Ankara University Biotechnology Institute, since 2003.  To date, 10 meetings have been organized. Each meeting had a unique theme from recent topics in biotechnology, which had been discussed in detailed by the frontier scientists of the field. A selection of subjects touched upon including but not limited to,

  • Stem cells, tissue engineering, cell and gene therapies,
  • Applied proteomics in medicine and agriculture,
  • Electrochemical DNA sensors,
  • Industrial biotechnology,
  • Agricultural biotechnology,
  • Marine biotechnology,
  • Microbial biotechnology,
  • Biosafety, politics and regulations,
  • Biotechnological applications in veterinary science

After a time lag of one year, we are proud to announce the upcoming “11th Ankara Biotechnology Days: Therapeutic Peptides and Antibodies”