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Dear Colleagues,

Metabolic syndrome, autoimmune disorders and cancer resides on the top of the public health threats list of well developed countries, providing the driving force of a trend that levitates the research and development of peptide drugs and therapeutic antibodies – collectively called biologics. Recent indexes in Turkey, points out the shift in health expenditures to conform a similar scale of health problems, concomitant with the improving health care and increased life expectancy. Currently, Turkey constitutes the 16th largest pharmaceutical market in the world, discordant with the research capability rank of 36 – confining the country to the league of technology consumers, instead of providers.

Biologic drugs represent the fastest growing product line in the pharmaceutical industry. Yet, these molecules bear orders of magnitude size and complexity, compared to small molecule drugs. The design and construction of the producer cell lines, purification of process related impurities, formulation of the end product to conform the guidelines and the requirement for specialized characterization and quality control procedures contribute to the overcomplicated manufacturing process as a reflection of the complex molecular structure.

Turkish pharmaceutical companies possess vast amount of accumulated experience and know-how in generic drug manufacturing, if not in the research for de novo drug design. Recently, several companies have taken up the challenge of biosimilar manufacturing, along with a number of research groups that have declared commitment on development of therapeutic peptides, antibodies and related technologies. In this technological long distance run, many challenges as well as opportunities exists for countries like Turkey. Still, this has been a quiet encouraging advance in the healthy growth of Turkish biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries, hand in hand with scientific community, which in turn, will hopefully upgrade Turkey’s position among technology providers.

Ankara Biotechnology Days has become a traditional scientific event organized by Ankara University Biotechnology Institute, since 2003. It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to 11th Biotechnology Days in Ankara, which will be held on May 20 – 21, 2015, featuring the theme of “Therapeutical Peptides and Antibodies: Design and Manufacturing Workshop”. There will be sessions dedicated to many aspects of biologics:

Design Considerations: Systems to Synthetic Biology.
When things go wrong… Trouble shoot your protein expression system.
Bioprocess development and scaling up.
Antibody engineering.
Antibodies as therapeutics.
We are looking forward seeing you in Ankara for enjoying an inspiring and productive workshop

Yours Sincerely,

Organizing Committee